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Ski School + Rental SUPER PROMO: Book now

Private ski lesson for kids and teens

from 42 € per person

During a private ski lesson, the instructor devotes their full attention to your child, following a specially designed program to help young athletes learn the art of skiing safely and improve their technique in a short time.

Private lessons can be highly beneficial if you have limited time and want to make the most of your vacation, if your children have never skied before and are accustomed to receiving private lessons in other sports, or if they didn’t have a good experience in a group course.

Our ski school takes pride in having both male and female instructors to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all kids and teens, ensuring everyone has a fun and safe time on the slopes. We are the only ski school in Monte Bondone with three female instructors specifically trained to work with young children.

We are trained to teach young learners skiing techniques through stimulating individual lessons that help them learn quickly and improve their skills without leaving out all the play and enjoyment.

Your presence is not required during the private lesson; while your child skis with us, you can enjoy some free time on the slopes of Monte Bondone.

We also offer private lessons for groups of up to 6 children of the same skill level.

starting from 1 hour

from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
every day upon request

From 1 to 6 kids

Ph @Camilla Pizzini

Minimum requirements

There are no minimum requirements. All we need is a curious, learning-oriented approach!

Minimum age

From 4-5 years

Maximum number of participants

From 1 to 6 kids


Every day upon request, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Course length

From 1 hour

Course price

Prices per person per hour based on the number of people:

Low seasonHigh seasonChristmas period
42 € per person 145 € per person150 € per person1
28 € per person230 € per person233 € per person2
22 € per person325 € per person327 € per person3
19 € per person422 € per person424 € per person4
17 € per person519 € per person521 € per person5
15 € per person617 € per person619 € per person6

What is included

  • Lessons with a professional instructor

What is not included

  • Skipass
  • Equipment rental

Meeting point

FLAG 1: outside the school office

Meeting Point Map of Ski School Monte Bondone in Trento

Request availability

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    Last name (*)

    Phone number (with area code) (*)

    From date (*)

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    Number of adults (*)


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    Cancellation terms

    Early cancellation: it is possible to cancel lessons by notifying the ski school office only by email to, by 4 p.m. on the day before the start of lessons.

    Cancellation on the day: in the event of cancellation on the day or after 4 p.m. on the day before, the lesson will only be refunded if resold.

    Cancellation of a course already started: the unused course fee will be refunded from the day after the cancellation due to accident/illness, subject to notification to the ski school office and presentation of the medical certificate.

    Refunds for private lessons are made in cases of accident or illness from the day after presentation of the medical certificate issued by a local doctor.
    The management reserves the right, depending on the case, to determine the method of reimbursement.

    Special discounts

    • Two tickets at the price of one: 9:00–10:00 am / 4:00–5.00 pm

    • 10% off if you buy 5 lessons for at least two people

    * This offer is not available during Christmas holidays

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    Ski School + Rental SUPER PROMO: Book now
    Ski School + Rental SUPER PROMO: Book now